Corporate Interior Design Ideas

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Jul 07 2010

Finding some good quality corporate interior design ideas is a great thing to improve your office or workspace. Having an inspirational yet relaxing work environment will help to ensure a hard-working and creative workforce that remains as happy and stress free as possible.

But where do you begin?

Of course hiring a professional to help you with this is a great idea and there are many designers and stylists were experts when it comes to commercial and office space. But if your budget will not allow for this but perhaps a few ideas will be enough to get started.

Firstly begin to think about the environment that you wish to create in your workspace. For many offices it is obviously a good idea to ensure that there is lots of natural light, so keep things open plan for this effect. The use of light colours can also help with natural light, but graphic wall designs and striking colours can also help to provide visual stimulation and a vibrant atmosphere.

Whilst keeping things open plan will help to create the social and fun environment, certain spaces may also need to be sectioned off. Again graphic imagery and green indoor planting can be used very effectively to create ‘bays’ or ‘ private areas ’.

As a working business it is also important to think about the space from a client’s point of view. You want your client to feel comfortable and at ease whenever they are in your warehouse office. Providing an inviting and welcoming reception with seating is always a good idea, take a look at this office workspace and see how they have mixed incredibly modern design and furniture with a welcoming reception area – office design.

Here is an interesting video that may also give you some great ideas.

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